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At the office of Ford J Fegert, PA, our #1 goal is to assist you in attaining a resolution to
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Arbitration in Florida is an organized, controlled way to settle legal disputes outside of court.  The goal of arbitration is to obtain a fair resolution of disputes using an impartial third party.  Arbitration is faster and less expensive than litigation.  It also makes it possible to settle disputes out of the public eye.

The process of arbitration is effective for settling a variety of different types of legal disputes. That is equally true whether the matter is located anywhere throughout my primary practice are of south-central and coastal Florida, or right here near my home in Vero Beach, on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast.  Whether dealing with issues related to maritime law, anticipating insurance coverage or claims issues, or forming real estate and construction relationships, many people agree to arbitration during the contract phase of their relationship – they create arrangements for arbitration before a dispute even arises.

Arbitration provides a number of benefits, aside from being more efficient than litigation.  For instance, arbitration provides flexibility for those involved in a dispute.  They have control over when and where the arbitration takes place, and they also get a say in who oversees the arbitration. Also, the arbitration hearing is more informal than a trial and has a more relaxed approach to the presentation of one’s case.

Finally, arbitration offers a final resolution.  Typically, unless there is evidence of outright corruption or fraud, arbitration is binding and usually not appealable. While the benefit of determination by arbitration, and it not being subject to endless appeals, is the saving of time and cost, it can result in less than satisfactory. That is one of the reasons that it is so important for parties to actively participate in the choice of the arbitrator(s).

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