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Advantages of Mediation Amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mediation Amids

Because of COVID-19, many courts are closed, thus postponing some legal affairs that needed to take place. Because of the “new normal”, delays even after this lockdown might still happen; that is why people in disputes are considering mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a lawful action wherein both parties reach a settlement by discussing their conflicts with a mediator, a third person who is not related to either of the parties and is qualified to handle the disputes. Mediations may be done in a single day without going to the courts.

Advantages of mediation

  • Immediate settlements
    Because of the pandemic, it will take a longer time to file a case and get a court date. Cases tried in courts might also take months or years to settle, depending on a lot of factors. Mediation is recommended to people who want to resolve things quickly and get on with their lives and businesses. If you want immediate settlements, mediation is for you.
  • Reduced expense
    If your disputes are raised in courts, litigation can be quite expensive. Considering the courts may summon you multiple times and may take a longer time before it reaches a decision, you will keep on paying your lawyer until everything is settled. With mediation, your expenses will be extremely lessened.
  • Personalized agreements
    Mediations may cover both legal and non-legal issues, unlike in courts. Because of that, agreements are indeed personalized which equally benefits both parties. Moreover, parties have more control over the agreements and can address the emotional aspects of the issues; the courts usually lean on legal procedures and does not much give credit to emotions. Usually, participants in mediations are more satisfied with the outcome because they are the one who discussed and compromised on it, rather than the court.
  • Preserve relationships
    Because of your personalized agreements, both parties get to preserve their relationship. Mediation helps partakers to discuss effectively and focus on untangling their issues rather than attacking each other. With that said, no relationship is ruined because both participants agree on the outcome.
  • Confidential and convenient
    Court proceedings may expose participants and attract publicity. But in mediation, everything is confidential unless it is specified otherwise. Mediation is also convenient because you may choose your own time. Furthermore, whilst this pandemic, you can resolve the disputes even if the courts are closed.

What do I need to do for mediation during this lockdown?

Mediations are now done remotely, via online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Teams. Even though done online, the structure is still followed as if it is done face to face. The mediator may hold multiple meetings to address all concerns and may conduct one on one online sessions to hear out the concerns of both sides.

To be able to participate in mediation all you need is access to an internet connection and a PC or laptop, smartphones may also be used. Do not worry about the online platform to be used yet because the mediator may suggest or share what application you will use for the mediation.

This is a great option for you to resolve your disputes even though it is a lockdown. Do not delay your resolutions, contact Ford Fegert today to handle your concerns and reach an agreement in no time.

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