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Insurance Claims, Coverage Mediation

Insurance is often one of those things we take for granted. Premiums are paid each month, and until an untoward event occurs and the need to file a claim arises, policies go relatively unnoticed and unappreciated.  Unfortunately, many people find that when the time comes to put their policy to use, the claims handling process can be very complicated and frustrating. All too frequently, insurance coverage may be non-existent, inadequate or imperiled by events and circumstances that result in complicated disputes.

Mediation brings all of the key parties together, whether the insured, the insurer, the respective attorneys or other interested parties, in order to discuss the coverage or claims conflict.  The mediation session is designed to be much less confrontational than the litigation process and to provide an opportunity that allows both sides to work out a settlement.  There are no winners or losers – as there would be if the claim were settled in the courtroom, and results are not limited to those items which are provided for in the set of remedies dictated by the law.

Instead, a mediator works with both sides to discuss the issues at hand.  The claim is examined and all of the potential outcomes are discussed.  Each side gets to have a say, and each side has the opportunity of coming out of the situation satisfied with the result. Mediation is widely considered far more efficient, timely and cost effective than prolonged litigation.  For a more in depth discussion of the ADVANTAGES OF USING MEDIATION IN CIVIL DISPUTES, please see my eBook linked to this web site.

If you have an insurance claims or coverage dispute, Ford Fegert has the experience, knowledge and creativity to help fashion a resolution that avoids the uncertainty, cost and delay of a trial.

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