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At the office of Ford J Fegert, PA, our #1 goal is to assist you in attaining a resolution to
your disputes in a manner that is as efficient, cost effective and satisfying as possible.

Civil Mediation

Civil mediation is an effective means for settling a variety of disputes.  It is an efficient tool for dealing with legal conflicts throughout my primary practice area, coastal and south-central Florida, as well as right here in my home town of Vero Beach, along Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast. Matters frequently involve personal injury or death, insurance claims and coverage, contracts, negligence, commercial sales and services, transportation of people or cargo, admiralty and maritime law or health care related issues – essentially any type of dispute that needs an efficient resolution.

Mediators skilled in settling civil disputes are able to bring together parties that are pitted against one another so that they may communicate about the issues at hand.  Not only are mediators able to facilitate communication about the issues, they are able to get to the underlying barriers that prevent a settlement.  Often, just by discussing an issue productively, parties are able to see that they are closer to a settlement than previously believed.

Mediation is much less expensive and takes far less time than litigation.  It makes it possible to preserve valuable relationships, even when it seems those relationships were damaged as a result of the conflict.  Those involved in civil disputes should consider mediation as a tool through which they can find not just a solution to their disagreement, but the best solution possible. For a more in depth look at ADVANTAGES OF USING MEDIATION IN CIVIL DISPUTES, see my eBook linked to this web site.

Are you involved in a civil dispute and looking for a better, more prompt, yet cost-effective way to resolve it? Ford Fegert can help. Call him today at 772-794-1925 to get started on the path towards resolution.

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