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Admiralty and Maritime Mediation

Mediation can be an effective tool by which to settle disputes related to all types of admiralty and maritime matters.  Whether the issues concern marine insurance claims or coverage, yacht or vessel ownership, maritime liens, ship mortgages, limitation of liability actions, marinas, collisions, personal injury or death, litigation might not be the best option for resolving a conflict.

There are numerous instances in which mediation is the best choice for settling maritime matters. That is equally true whether the conflict is centered in coastal or south-central Florida, or in my home port of Vero Beach, Florida. I have outlined several ADVANTAGES OF USING MEDIATION IN CIVIL DISPUTES in my eBook linked to this web site.  Speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and certainty of the result are most often mentioned among the many advantages of mediation.  Mediation puts the disputing parties in control of the outcome, so there is seldom the concern that arises when extremely technical cases must be heard by a judge or jury that might be unfamiliar with maritime practices.

Mediation allows a resolution to be made without setting any future precedent.  For instance, a situation might occur in which a passenger or seaman has been injured in a maritime accident.  If the conditions of the specific event were rare, there is no sense of creating a blanket ruling that could affect future practices.

Mediation places a high priority on communication and understanding.  Skilled maritime mediators are able to help both sides see the merits of their opposition’s position, which then makes it easier to reach a settlement that is satisfactory to both parties.  Whether the goal is to reach a resolution quickly and efficiently, or there is a need for a solution to a dispute that includes highly technical or emotional issues, mediation is an effective means of settling maritime disputes.

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