Mediation is often the best option for settling a legal dispute.  Ford Fegert offers mediation services to those involved in disputes in the Coastal and South-Central Florida area.

When parties come together during mediation to discuss an issue, they are better able to understand an issue from all sides.  Mediation makes it possible to address the emotional issues that often become sticking points in legal disputes.  For instance, a person injured in an accident may have physical injuries that require medical attention. That individual might also be dealing with emotional trauma, psychological issues, and may have trouble accepting that his or her life has changed forever.  Mediation provides an opportunity to address these changes and create a settlement that takes these non-monetary concerns into account.

Deciding an issue in court allows parties to reach a conclusion. However, the conclusion that a court is able to provide is limited to the specific form of resolution provided for by the law.  The goal of mediation is to create the best solution. Often, the best solution is one that may contain creative, uniquely crafted solutions. Mr. Fegert can help you and those involved in a dispute find the optimal solution for your situation.

Mr. Fegert has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1990.  He has a wealth of experience in a variety of matters including medical malpractice, admiralty and maritime law, transportation and personal injury cases.  He is a founding member of FORD J FEGERT, PA.  Though willing and able to represent clients in court, Mr. Fegert believes mediation is often the best option for those involved in legal disputes.


At the office of Ford J Fegert, PA, our #1 goal is to assist you in attaining a resolution to your disputes in a manner that is as efficient, cost effective and satisfying as possible.

Advantage of Using Mediation in Civil Disputes