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Medical Malpractice & Health Care Mediation

Medical malpractice cases are on the rise.  It is now considered a significant cause of death in the United States and billions of dollars are paid out every year to claimants in medical malpractice causes of action.  Though it is sometimes necessary to decide medical malpractice and other legal health care issues in court, mediation is often an effective tool for resolving these issues faster and more efficiently. Mediation can be effective either before or after a lawsuit has been filed.

Medical malpractice cases come in all shapes and sizes. That is true whether in my primary practice area of coastal and south-central Florida, or right here near my Vero Beach home on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Sometimes cases are alleged to involve the misjudgment or misconduct of a healthcare provider, or they may be said to involve serious injuries and illnesses caused by faulty or dangerous medical products. Regardless, mediation is always a good alternative to lengthy and costly litigation. For instance, a person claiming to be injured by the use of a medical device might seek compensation through mediation in order to avoid a lengthy and costly court battle. Similarly, the health care provider may hope to avoid adverse publicity or the risk of an adverse finding in the public forum such as the courthouse.

Regardless of the details of the specific case, mediation offers a variety of advantages for ensuring that both the victim and defendant’s rights are protected. For a more in depth discussion, see my eBook linked to this web site ADVANTAGES OF USING MEDIATION IN CIVIL DISPUTES.

Mediation puts the control of the settlement into the hands of those involved.  This allows everyone to express their concerns and negotiate a settlement that they think is fair.  Mediation resolves the matter faster than litigation.  This means both parties are able to return to their lives as quickly as possible.

Finally, mediation makes it possible to address the emotional, as well as financial, aspects of a case.  Providing an opportunity for parties to discuss the human side of the case can go a long way in making a fair settlement possible.

Ford Fegert’s extensive experience with medical malpractice and health care mediation allows him to handle such cases knowledgably, compassionately and efficiently.  Contact him today at 772-794-1925 to discuss how he can help move your case forward through mediation.

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