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Online Mediation in Vero Beach FL

Online Mediation for Civil and Commercial Matters amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 has led to countless changes in society. They need to practice social distancing and not spend extended periods in confined spaces with other people means a lot of things are occurring virtually. Mediation for civil and commercial matters is no exception.

What Should You Know About Online Mediation for Civil and Commercial Legal Disputes?
Mediation is one of the most effective tools available for resolving legal disputes. The process brings all parties involved in a dispute together to discuss the issue and explore the pros and cons of potential solutions. Mediation is entirely voluntary and offers a mutually beneficial path to a peaceful resolution.

Though mediations are most often conducted in person, moving them online because of the current health pandemic is not that difficult. The technology exists that allows parties to come together in a virtual environment to discuss the issue and explore outcomes just as they would in person. Mediators are still able to facilitate conversations and negotiate between parties to help them reach a solution that makes everyone happy.

Is Online Mediation Effective?
In most cases, online mediation of civil and commercial disputes will be just as effective as dealing with the matter face-to-face.

In the past, those involved in a mediate dispute were limited to in-person meetings or attempting to discuss the matter over the phone. Although the latter might be possible in some cases, mediating by telephone lacks some of the benefits of the traditional process.

Virtual mediations that employ webcams and other remote technology removes the impersonal feeling of doing things by phone. Even though you are not in the same room during the mediation, you almost feel as though you are. Everyone can see the faces of those they are mediating with and everyone has their opportunity to speak. The only difference is that you are attending the mediation session from the comfort of your own home, instead of having to travel to a mediator’s office or other neutral location to conduct the matter in person.

Is Online Mediation Safe?
Absolutely! Many industries have moved their meetings and other business into a virtual environment in recent weeks due to COVID-19. Online mediation allows people to interact safely, observing the practice of social distancing and remaining isolated in their own homes. The process is handled in much the same manner as an in-person mediation, except everyone is safe and far from one another physically.

If you believe online mediation for a legal matter you are dealing with might be right for you, Ford Fegert can help. Ford is an experienced mediator who has had no problem moving his practice online during this unusual time. He is available to answer your questions or get you started with the process of online mediation.

For more information or to discuss how online mediation might be right for your situation at the moment, contact Ford at 772-794-1925.

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How Do Online Commercial Mediations Work?

Online mediations work in much the same way as traditional in-person mediations, except people are in different locations. These mediations utilized remote communication technology that enables people to discuss an issue and speak as they would at an in-person meeting, while still practicing social distancing from their locations. Mediators still oversee the process and help all parties involved stay focused on finding a mutually beneficial resolution to their dispute.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Virtual Consultation?

You should bring the same items with you to a virtual consultation as you would one that is in-person. Or at least have them on hand. This includes any documents related to the dispute. You will want to make sure any paperwork you have is organized and easily accessible during a virtual consultation. It is also a good idea to compile a list of questions you want to ask about your case or the mediation process a potential mediator.

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